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Save Madhya Pradesh from Congress appeasement politics: PM
Last Updated : 25 Nov 2018 03:55:30 AM IST
Save Madhya Pradesh from Congress appeasement politics: PM
Mandsaur: Prime Minister and BJP leader Narendra Modi addresses during a public meeting in Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur on Nov 24, 2018. (Photo: IANS)


Attacking Congress Chief Ministerial aspirant Kamal Nath over the leaked video in which he is seeking heavy voting by Muslims, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked people to save the state from "this politics of appeasement".

He also made a veiled attack on Kamal Nath linking him to the anti-Sikh riots of 1984.

"Congress party is showing its true colours. It knows it is hard to save its people. Its scams are being uncovered. Kamal Nath video is out in the market. Whose votes is he seeking in that video.

"This is democracy we need everyone's votes, whether he is HIndu or Muslim, rich or poor. Every Indian who is a voter... but they (Congress) don't... they say don't rely on tribal votes. Is this not disrespect to democracy. Do these people have a right to contest election, brothers and sisters wipe out Congress," he said.

Modi said "don't be mistaken by what Kamal Nath is saying. What he is saying are his own words. He's been a courtier of this family (Gandhi family) for decades. He is doing the bidding of 'naamdaar'. I urge you to save Madhya Pradesh from this politics of appeasement."

Referring to Kamal Nath's reported remarks that the "mills of Congress grind slow but fine", the Prime Minister said with a tinge of sarcasm, "Shrimaan Kamal Nath ji, everyone knows how fine you grind.. everyone knows about 84 riots. We can't let the future of Madhya Pradesh be ruined by trusting these people."

In an apparent reference to the agrarian distress, one of the main issues in Madhya Pradesh, Modi said: "Had Patel been the first Prime Minister, farmers would not have been in such distress as they have seen during these 55-60 years.... what Congress did, its detrimental effects are being borne by today's farmers. "

"I want to ask Congress-- what did you do for the people for Madhya Pradesh in 55 years and what BJP did. Do the comparison so that farmer doesn't have to bow down to anyone. We are making policies for that. We need some time to undo the wrong. And I will do it even if I get half the time they got. "

Modi accused the Congress of making false promises like waiving farm loans. "Nowadays Congress is making false promises to get votes but remember each of their promises. They got four generations to run the nation but never left any chance to fool the country. India Gandhi, you tell me, did she or did she not give the slogan of 'Gareebi Hatao"? Tell me honestly did gareebi (poverty) go? Did she not make a fool of you."

He said the Congress nationalised the banks saying that there was a monopoly of rich people on it and that they wanted banks to serve in the interest of the poor.

"Was this for helping the poor.. was it a fraud or not? The promise that Indira Gandhi could not fulfil, Modi did with Jan Dhan Yojana. Those who could not fulfil their promises for 40 years, would you believe them now"

"And in 2008 also, they had made the same promise of loan waiver. No one will tell you this thing but it is important to know the truth. Madam Sonia's remote-control government had made the decision. Manmohan Singh was also there. To win the election they made the promise. of loan waiver.. Then the loans of farmers amounted to Rs six lakh crore . How much did they waive.. only Rs 60,000 crore."

"Even then, 35 lakh of whose loans were waived were not even eligible for it. Who were these people, what was their relationship with Congress. And today again they have begun lying."

"Now tell me, all these people who were doing this swindling, would they like Modi? Who will protect you from these people, who will protect public money, That's why I need your blessing. "

Modi attacked Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi saying "Look at their shamelessness, people who did fraud worth crores of rupees, are out on bail.. Mother and Son both are out on bail, and they are asking me questions, why did I ban notes. I locked down 3 lakh companies which were engaged in such frauds"

He said his government has so far given 6 crore gas connections. The aim is for 8.5 crore.

"You do the math in this country from independence to 2014 before I became Prime Minister. In nearly 60 years many governments came and went and they all could give only 13 crore gas connections and Modi in four years gave 12 crore new connections."

"How work is done, how society is changed. It would have taken them four more generations to do this. That is why I have come to urge you. Our only agenda is the development of Madhya Pradesh and of the country," he said.

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