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Judgement that gave a feeling of revenge avenged
Deepika Bhan
Last Updated : 07 May 2017 03:21:06 PM IST
(File photo)
(File photo)

It was the most awaited news. And when the news came, it brought a sense of justice and soaring. Death is never celebrated but this is one judgement which gave a feeling of revenge avenged.

Nirbhaya fell to the vultrous mindset of human capacities which got manifested in the gory reality that shook not just the nation but the whole world. And when the Supreme Court pronounced the final judgement, Nirbhaya could not have even smiled in the 'somewhere world' she may be now in for the pain was manifold and tortuous.
The torment was not just hers and the judgement was also not only for her, it was for every woman in the country who has suffered harassment of sexual nature during the course of her life. The judgement brought a feeling of fulfillment and emancipation for those women who suffer silently.

While walking on the street, while travelling in the bus or train or in office space or even in home environment, the essence of womanhood frequently is subjected to a challenge of worse kind. Even a stare sends a shiver deep the spine. It is a bitter fact that for the attacker or the molester or the rapist age of the victim does not matter. There have been rape cases wherein the age of the victims ranged from a few day old infant to a 90-year-old woman. The cases are shocking but they are happening almost every day. The attacker can be stranger or a known including the family member. Most of the times, the woman suffers alone or is asked to keep her mouth shut. She is made to believe that it was an act that can shame her.
Nirbahaya case stood the case against the shaming mentality as well. Her agonised parents rose to fight for their lovely daughter. They stood in front of cameras and spoke of the torture. They even did not hide her name and wanted the real face of Nirbhaya to be shown to the world. This they did because they wanted to give strength to those females who see these acts as shameful and hide in the depths. There have been cases where young girls have committed suicide because they could not withstand the harassment of eve-teasing. The feeling of despondency is multiplied when instead of comforting; the females are accused of leading the men to such a behavior.

Nirbhaya verdict will go a long way in changing the deep set mindset of the society towards cases of sexual assault. It is with this ‘holy’ judgment that a change may begin.

Supreme Court in the Nirbahaya verdict said the verdict would be “an eye-opener for a mass-movement “to end such violence and sensitise people on gender equality and justice. Justice R Banumati, who was part of the bench said stringent laws and punishment alone might not be sufficient to fight the increasing crimes against women as attitudinal change and change in the mind-set was needed to respect women and ensure gender justice in the country. She continued, “Offences against women are not a women’s issue alone but human rights issue.”

Women are cherishing the verdict deep inside their hearts for they see the verdict as a case of avenging the many insults that she suffers day in and day out.

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