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The great circus of Election begins
Deepika Bhan
Last Updated : 28 Jan 2017 02:09:49 PM IST
The great circus of Election begins
The election atmosphere is gearing up gradually


Some are playing musical chairs, some are behaving like jumping jacks and a few are ending up as jokers as well in this circus of great election-entertainments.

Elections are a very serious business. There is no denying that this vital constitutional duty is done through honest and correct measures. The obligation is duly fulfilled after every five years.  Indeed, it is no funny business but at the same time elections can also be a season for great entertainment. At least in this season of electioneering we are witnessing a lot of amusing moments.  Some are playing musical chairs, some are behaving like jumping jacks and a few are ending up as jokers as well in this circus of great election-entertainments.
The state of Uttar Pradesh has always been the most politically vibrant and colourful. It is said that whosoever has UP gets the Centre as well. Every politician here wants to be in power no matter what. Perhaps, it is this power game that came between the famous father-son dual or was that a coup very well managed by the one of the cleverest fathers in the country. In any case at the end of the day the son got the party and then the father too! The rest of the lot including the Uncles and opposition leaders were left aghast because in one stroke the son emerged as an unblemished phoenix that carries a magic wand to deliver. And in the awe, no one is talking of issues like goondaism, favoritisms, lack of law and order and development. All that is being witnessed is that other parties want to hook up to this “new and re-invented” son of the soil.
 Congress is the first one to lap up the “hero” and this time it is not just Rahul Gandhi but his sister Priyanka Vadra too who is seeing a “messiah” in Akhilesh and believing him to be trump card something which her brother Rahul has failed to become so far. It is being said that Priyanka will campaign outside the two Gandhi burrows of Amethi and Rae Bareilly this time. Certainly,it is going to be a big step for the reluctantly emerging sister.
Even as the two prominent dynasties of UP are trying to help each other, the BSP and the BJP are having their own moments of craziness. In the BJP, everyone seems to be fighting for that golden ticket to the ultimate poll fight. Scenes outside the party president Amit Shah’s residence are not very amusing but are an indicator of the fact that denials may prove to be unsavory for some. Mayawati’s elephant is no doubt a slow mover but its movements are giving delirious moments to all. Soon after demonetization, the elephant seemed to be bit nervous but now Mayawati is openly playing religion and caste card. By giving 100 tickets to Muslim candidates Mayawati is trying to emerge as the Queen Bee of the community.
The great Yadav family may have settled down for a moment but the fight has left many of its aspiring candidates red faced. Take the case of the assembly constituency of Noida. When Uncle Shivpal was in power, one of his supporters Ashok Chauhan was calling up people as MLA candidate and seeking votes. He had started his campaign much before any list was made. The lady calling on his behalf sought votes for him. When confronted that party list was still to be finalized, she said Chauhan has been decided as the candidate and the quickly hung up. Amusing confidence, no doubt but the quick political developments in the party ultimately declared another name Sunil Chaudhary as the official candidate. Even as Sunil Chaudhary was asserting his candidature, there was a talk of Congress trying to get the ticket. After a week of suspense, this official SP candidate is trying to reinforce his candidature now, although the previous one continues to send mobile messages as “SP candidate”.
Similar are the scenes in other places also. The circus will continue. Seasoned as well as aspiring politicians try all means, in fact move earth and heavens together to attract the voter. They learn words in local language, try wearing local attire, walk on roads in dirt and water, get their activists to distribute ‘things’ or ‘items’ in localities. They will do anything to impress the prospective voter. But at the end of the day when the moment of redemption will come, the voter sure is going to have the last laugh.

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