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Youths enjoyed calligraphy competition after long gap at Kashmir University
Last Updated : 03 Jul 2022 04:01:35 PM IST


Youth is enjoying calligraphy competition after a long time in Kashmir University.

They were unable to enjoy any activities in last two years due to COVID restrictions in the valley. The necessary steps were taken for the safety of students as well as teaching staff. Now as the situation has normalised, students are participating in all activities apart from their annual syllabus.

Both boys and girls participated in the competition in good numbers. With the help of such types of competitions, youths are getting a chance to show their calibre and highlight the rich past of calligraphy.

Despite industrialisation and Western culture, calligraphy competitions continue to receive positive feedback from young people because they always give participants peace of mind and assist them in lowering their stress levels.

Calligraphy has a rich history in Kashmir, dating back to thousand years, and it has been liked well by the people in the past. However, industrialisation has caused this art form to decline and lose its lustre, which has led to the current generation's lack of understanding of the calligraphy that represents Kashmir's past. Thus, Kashmir University's cultural wing runs a beautiful calligraphic competition that draws young people who love art.

Calligraphy, also known as ‘KHATTATI’ in Persian and ‘KHUSNAVISI’ in Urdu, has long been a popular art form, particularly in Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and several Indian states.

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