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Sonu Sood: I could do everything because I wasn't associated with a political party
Last Updated : 20 Jan 2021 01:02:24 PM IST
Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood


Actor Sonu Sood, who was lauded for his efforts to send migrants home safely during lockdown last year, dismisses allegations that he pulled off the entire operation using funds provided by a particular political party.

"I could do all this because I was not associated with any political party. Otherwise I would have had to ask 100 questions before doing a job like this. Since it was my decision to connect with people and help them, I was able to reach out. Whatever I did, was not about caste or religion. I reached out to people across society. I have been connecting with people a lot over the past year," Sonu tells IANS.
"I have been in this industry over the last 20 years and have done over 100 movies, but to reach out to every single person who loves me has not been possible. I think I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the real-life hero. This is not a film, but surely the almighty is the director," he adds.
Questions were raised and theories floated over how he managed to send lakhs of people home on his own.
"I remember when I started this mission, Chandraprakash Dwivedi, director of my (forthcoming) film 'Pritviraj', told me people would want to bring me down, given the path I had chosen. The problem with the world is that people cannot see something right happening. When they see that, they question why this is happening, why is someone there to help others? But it fades off because there is no truth or spine to it. It wont stop me from doing what I am doing. It is a journey which I started with millions. There will be few who will not like it but I hope that one day they also become part of this journey," he says.
The actor woke up to the news on Tuesday that some people in Telangana have started a free ambulance service in his name.
"The service they have started is so beautiful. This is an ambulance service that is free of cost in Telangana and it is spreading across to Andhra Pradesh. I will also be helping them now, since it is a facility a lot of people would need. They will also start a toll free number especially for this. When they told me this, I was speechless. Since, I am associated with ILAAJ India Initiative, I know how difficult it is for people to get medical service. I would like to it to be a pan-India service," says Sonu.
How does he feel when people hail him as a real life hero? "I miss my parents more, every single day when people say I am the national hero. I wish they were here to see this. They are my guiding angels. Lot of people and young kids are affected. I used to get pictures clicked as an actor. Lately, people tell me their children want to become like me and that makes me feel very happy," he says.

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