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Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla's weekly predictions from (5th August 2017 to 11th August 2017)
Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Last Updated : 05 Aug 2017 09:24:58 AM IST
Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
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Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla's weekly predictions from (5th August 2017 to 11th August 2017)

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Aries: Ganesha says the family once again comes into strong focus. You will continue to work hard and will be busier than ever, there is achievement and you are pleased. You have been able to make the best use of your potential, though sensitive and emotional, you are achiever too. They are extremely creative and respect money as it helps them become good providers and carers.



Taurus: Once again, the good life beckons. You slow down a bit and become less intense in your reactions. You want to take a breather and savour the joys of hard work. Home and family beckon and you make time for friends, as all this makes you happy and fulfilled. This is an important period. You can now be realistically hopeful of success in your ventures, in all that you have striven for, hoped for, and planned for.



Gemini: You have to make decisions with far – reaching impact but, somehow, you are not able to. You have to be practical and pragmatic. Travel and money matters are in sharp focus. You look at funds, loans, insurance, joint – finances, land and other sources of boosting your income. There is pleasure too and many occasions for the good times. It is certainly not all work.



Cancer: You look at a fresh approach to life. Finance and business are just one parameter, but certainly not the only one to measure your worth. You are fascinated by progressive ideas and new discoveries, and interested in projects that expand your mind and stretch your capabilities. You are almost out of step with reality; you look ahead life a seer, a visionary.



Leo: Your sojourn with fantasy is short lived; you are back to the material world. You will look at money and its joys and grab all financial openings with both hands like a fielder at first slip in cricket. You also do up your home and office and refurbish your personal wardrobe. You could indulge in major shopping and I dare say that it is not window shopping.



Virgo: You fuse work and pleasure and there is no letting up. You tap all avenues and are all geared up for fun and work if you can balance that out somehow. You will find time for hobbies, other interests, sports and leisure activities. You will also accompany the family on happy outings. It is an enjoyable time. You love the planning and preparation, and the hope of gains and advancement in whatever you do.



Libra: You set a scorching pace in this period. There is the successful completion of projects and a flurry of activity at all levels. You are in total communication mod, and are on the go with intensity and purpose. You are also very emotional, at this juncture and work a lot with your heart which is not a good thing, if I may add. You see infinite possibilities in whatever you aim to do and your attitude undergoes a transformation.




Scorpio: You may start daydreaming now and live in a world of romantic fantasy. You will focus on your emotions and look at relationships. In this phase you may meet someone with a similar bent of mind and hit it off like a house on fire. In love too, there are happy tidings. Youare floating on gossamer clouds. There is romance, love, appreciation. You live with an intensity of emotions and it makes its presence felt in every aspect of your life.



Sagittarius: There will be a flurry of relationships; you will be reaching out to all corners. There will be indiscretion and errors but that is the mood you are in. Although money issues play at the back of your mind, you will be drawn to nothing in particular but to people as a whole. Your affections are diluted and you could get into a mess. You also look at various money – making opportunities but it may be getting you nowhere, right now. 



Capricorn: You are a bit steadier and more focused now. There is some work and housekeeping to do which is good in a way as it keeps you occupied. Your mind needs to be tethered now to something or the other and this preoccupation will help a lot. You spend on the good things of life whenever you are at a loose end and this is one of those times. You may thus renovate and refurbish, acquire a new wardrobe and accessories.




Aquarius: The permutations are endless with interactions, conferences, meetings, collaborations, travel and meetings and doing new things one after another as though it is all a roller coaster ride. New studies, research, new techniques, new discoveries will all lead you to faraway explorations. If America hadn’t been discovered, you are in the mood to do it. Since you will be meeting new people, there will also be the forging of new bonds, warmth, good times and interpersonal relationships. 



Pisces: Your ego is all pumped up and you work with new energy. Now says Ganesha, the time is right for you to make a fresh start. You overcome all obstacles and embark on new ventures which will take off and proceed smoothly. You are filled with enthusiasm and are on the go throughout this period. The mood is upbeat and nothing can get you down, but put safeguards in place because such spend needs caution.




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