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Vladimir Putin and new world order!
Bijendra Singh,
Special correspondence (Foreign Affairs)
Last Updated : 15 Oct 2013 12:29:41 PM IST
Vladimir Putin and new world order!
Russian President Vladimir Putin (File Photo)


It is the era of Russian resurgence and now the world is sensing Vladimir Putin's tenacity. In his third term as President, Putin is slowly but surely looking more in command on the national as well as international front.

The rhetorical embrace of Russia's imperial past at home has brought him increasingly into conflict abroad--particularly with the West. The real-world effects of Putin's newly confrontational approach have been most evident in recent weeks with the crisis in Syria.

Now after a year of deadlock on everything from human rights to nuclear non proliferation, the US and Russia are as much at odds as at any time since the Cold War. The roots of Putin's confrontationalism are as much political and economic as they are personal and historical. Now Putin is on the agenda of imperial rebirth of Russia.

The humiliating collapse of Soviet era is still in Putin's mind so after taking the power he left no stone unturned to bring back Russian glory. He modernized the military. Today Russia has the third largest military budget in the world behind the US and China.

When Mr. Putin returned to the presidency a year ago, he moved aggressively to stamp out a growing protest movement and silence competing and independent voices.

He shored up his position at home but, as his government promoted nationalism with a hostile edge, passed antigay legislation, locked up illegal immigrants in a city camp, kept providing arms to the Syrian government and ultimately gave refuge to the leaker Mr. Snowden. Now Putin is on different track after silencing the critics in his home turf he is turning towards his geo political opponents. For this reason Russia is inching closer strategically to China since both see many common grounds.

In July Russia and China held one of the biggest joint naval excercise. In the U N Security Council, Russia and China have also been working in tandem and this is a part of strategic shift.

Now Russia's geopolitical priorities are evolving. Russia understads this fully that 21 st Century will not be the American century. It will be the Asian century so now Russia under Putin is giving prominance to China in its foreign policy.

Now the strategy of Russian president Putin is bearing the fruit and he tasted it during the negotiation on Syrian crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin got “exactly what he wanted” and that “President Obama of the U.S. has been put aside” in the resolution of the Syria crisis last month.

Putin has taken advantage of the weakness of the U.S. president Obama and hurt the US interest. In a single stroke of diplomacy Putin achieved several objectives. He has handed a diplomatic lifeline to his longtime ally in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad, who not long ago appeared at risk of losing power and who President Obama twice said must step down.

He has stopped Mr. Obama from going around the United Nations Security Council, where Russia holds a veto, to assert American priorities unilaterally. Now he appears to be relishing a role as a statesman.

With his diplomatic intervention in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed his reputation as a shrewd interlocutor on the world stage and a discerning analyst of global sentiment. He has inspired a wave of commentary about Russian resurgence. It’s only the beginning of the road but it’s a very important beginning. Russia is now destined to establish a new empire based on Putin's vision of EURASION UNION of former Soviet states.

Its due to the diplomatic maneuvering of Putin that now world seem no more unipolar. Instead now the world is moving towards multipolar regime in which the hegemony of one nation i.e. US will be no more.

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