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Taj Mahal : A boon for tourists , a curse for locals !
Last Updated : 25 Oct 2012 05:36:27 PM IST
Taj Mahal
file photo.Taj Mahal


Yamuna Express way has shortened the distance of Taj Mahal from Delhi but a short stretch near the monument is playing spoilsports for the tourists.

Tajmahal is one of the most popular monuments in the world, located in Agra, India. Its beautiful structure qualifies it in the list of the seven wonders of the world.

Around 40,000 visitors came from across the world in a year and get overwhelmed by its beauty.The Yamuna Expressway makes the exhautive journey comfortable for the citizens of the country.

It takes atleast two hours from Noida to Agra through Yamuna Express Highway but Taj Mahal is still away as the jam packed roads after the Expressway cause hurdles on the way.

The visitors mostly get irritated because after paying a heavy toll tax they have to face the problem of traffic which increases their visiting hours. The National Highway -2 is in a bad shape as the narrow roads are already littered with patholes. Foul smell and  water logging are order of the day.

Experts say that for making the journey of Yamuna Expressway successful, the maintainance of the National Highway -2 is to be taken up.

After Yamuna Express Highway,  Taj is about 24 kilometer away- a patch which causes headache to tourists. Agra Development Authority is preparing a plan to built an inner ring road under Public-Private partnership to cover this part.

For saving the beauty of Taj Mahal which is white marbled,  various steps have been taken by the government which includes pollution control.

Factories have been banned around the 5 kilometer radius of Taj Mahal leading to unemployment. Also people have to walk for atleast 5 kilometers to their jobs. Locals are also unable to organise any functions like marriage or funeral. Sometimes the ill persons have no choice but the authoriy are helpless as the white marble is deteriorating.

According to the court ,the entry of any vehicle is prohibited in the 500 metre area but for the locals the visitors pass have been made. The list is decided on the village basis and rest of the villagers have to walk for their need,resulting sometimes to pathetic situation of deliveries taking place on the pavement.

Apart from this ,when we talk about Agra its impossiblle to forget its popular delicacy and that is 'Petha'.The government is also looking for the ban on 'Petha industries'.

It has been found that the air pollution caused by these industries is deteriorating the beauty of Taj which changes the colour of white marble into 'yellowish'.The  state of Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has decided to shift the industries in Kalinda Vihar opposite Yamuna , but the traders are against it.

Agra Development authority has developed the township of 'Petha' industries that iss why the traders don't want to leave their industries.The traders are using coal instead of LPG cylinders which proves harmful for the beauty of Taj.

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