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Other than Michelle Barack listens to whom?


Everybody wants to hear US President Barack Obama but the news is to whom Obama wants to listen. So here we are telling you who are Obama favorites. With whom Obama wants to spend his day and who accompany him in the evening. Despite of this Obama and Michelle relationship is rocking. What is this mystery? Oh! Don’t get confuse…Here we are talking about Obama’s favorite playlist artists. According to the playlists shared by The White House US President Barack Obama listens to various artists ranging from Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder to Beyonce and Nina Simone. The two playlists have been curate by the Obama himself, reported Entertainment Weekly. The first mix is designated for daytime and includes tracks from Dylan, The Temptations, Wonder, Justin Timberlake, and Florence the Machine, while the evening playlist features a Beyonce and Frank Ocean duet along with songs by Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, and Simone.