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Brazil artists angry with World Cup

Pics : Artists in Brazil protest against the  FIFA World Cup 2014

Let them eat football: Rio de Janeiro's anti-World Cup street art Brazil has spent £6.5bn on the World Cup and plans to host the greatest show on earth. But the country's street artists are painting it another way. And venting their angst towards the mega event with their own way of doing and telling the world at large how the mega event actually does not mean everything to them despite the hype and the euphoria all- is also is why street paintings that adorn walls in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, joking vividly about the World Cup will soon be shown by global television stations as part of the carnival atmosphere of the tournament. No doubt they will be juxtaposed with shots of roaring crowds and street parties, even though many of the pictures are filled with scepticism and rage. Here is one shot of the protest . A Graffiti by Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito depicting a starving child with nothing to eat but a football.