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'Running Shaadi': A frothy entertainer

This film, with the recent controversy that plagued its title, suffers from the curse of its name. The constant bleeps in between the dialogues is a frustrating, kill joy. And that is not the only one. Though with an interesting premise and a well-drafted screenplay, the film fails to hold a big-screen charm, simply because it is treated like a modern day, quickie befitting a web-series. The characters, Nimrat Kaur aka Nimmi and Ram Bharose are not well etched. They unknowingly break the very mould they are supposed to be existing in. And the fault lies not with the actors but with the creators of their universe. To begin with, the story is primarily about Ram Bharose aka Chottu a young forlorn Bihari immigrant in Amritsar who works in a saree shop belonging to one Mr. Singh. Chottu is the man Friday for his employer and his family too, especially his daughter Nimmi, who has no qualms in informing him that she had sex and would need an abortion. It is only after Nimmi's 19th birthday, when Chottu back-chats her father for his bad planning and management skills that he finds himself jobless. Being in a small town, he has no chance of securing another job. And since necessity is the mother of invention, he hits upon an idea of creating a website that would assist young couples in their runaway marriage plans.

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