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'Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya': Badrinath's yatra is worth experiencing

Film: "Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya"; Writer and Director Shashank Khaitan; Starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt; Rating: **** From Jhansi to Singaporea. Phew! This is one helluva joyride. "Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya"(BKD) starts off looking like one of those obnoxious rom-coms where the hero won't take a no for an answer and the reluctant heroine will finally say yes. You know those Govinda-Karisma Kapoor types? Gosh, didn't we leave them behind? But no! BKD surprises you. It even steals your heart at the end of the journey. As writer-director Shashank Khaitan's portrayal of small-town ambitions explodes on screen in multiple manoeuvres of high drama and cunning comedy, he never allows the proceedings to get out of hand. The number of times the narration threatens to fall over the edge, is not funny. No one topples over even when the characters are boozed out of their heads. Yup, this film knows where to draw the line. Then of course writer-director Shashank Khaitan has a lead pair that oozes charm and warmth. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are undoubtedly the most accomplished performers among the post-Khan group of stars. They know their chops and they use them without showing off. The film gets rock-solid performances out of both.