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'Aa Gaya Hero': Nothing but a zero

With "Aa Gaya Hero", director Dipankar Senapati has ensured that he lands up being a zero. It is about crime, criminals and a sincere police officer who is trying to correct the wrong-doers. With multiple sub-plots running simultaneously with no concrete goal, the film seems like a litany of crime gummed-up like a cheaply made documentary which is occasionally punctuated with songs. Govinda plays Inspector Ravindra Verma, an honest, earnest and fearless police officer who is genuinely concerned about bringing down the crime rate in the country. He tries to maintain law and order by using a strategy called 'Abhinay Chakra' but not before presenting a file about this to the president of the country. The 'Abhinay Chakra' is a philosophical take on how all of us are actors and each and every one of us are merely playing our parts.