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Rise of the Guardians:Well-crafted 3-D fairy tale
Last Updated : 22 Nov 2012 12:07:39 PM IST
Rise of the Guardians:Well-crafted 3-D fairy tale
Rise of the Guardians:Well-crafted 3-D fairy tale


Rise of the Guardians is one of the best 3-D animated film from Dreamworks Animation based on the series of books by William Joyce.


Directed by Peter Ramsey, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and co-produced by Guillermo Del Toro, Rise of the Guardians is full of excitement.  Visually, this movie intense and fantastic.

The characters  are --Santa Claus is armed,Jack Frost is  a juvenile delinquent, the Sandman is mute and the Tooth Fairy is a hummingbird.The new addition is Jack  who is  in charge of protecting the hopes of children.The Easter Bunny has an Aussie accent.

The Story

The story centers around holiday and fantasy characters of myth and legend,Nicholas St. North, the movie's santa Claus character, is a burly, rough type with "naughty" tattooed on his right arm and "nice" on his left. Known simply as North, he was, earlier, Russia's most lethal swordsman. He still carries a pair of scimitars.

Tooth or the Tooth Fairy (Fisher) who directs little fairies to pick up and store children’s teeth and the memories that come with them; and Sandy or the Sandman who gives children all their wonderful dreams.

They are all comprised of a group chosen by the Man in the Moon to be Guardians and charged with protecting the children of the world who in turn believe in them and give them their powers. He’s become frustrated because he has no memories of who he was before he was Jack Frost and named as such by the Man in the Moon.

He’s given that chance when he’s recruited to the Guardians to help defeat Pitch Black (Jude Law), a character who aims to strike fear in the hearts of children. The same children the Guardians are tasked with protecting.

When the Man in the Moon tells the existing Guardians that Jack Frost has been chosen to join them, they must convince him to take up the cause before Pitch can snuff out the light of hope in every child of the world.

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